Rocking out at the The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
The Great and all powerful, extremely humble, Denny Kopp delivering my new Betty Swing.
The birthing of a guitar.
The making of a legendary fret board
Almost done!
Still on the opperating table...
pickup installation
It's ALIVE! Myself and Denny Kopp (the creator) with my brand new 17'' Betty Swing model.
Paul Rishell, Jim (Owner of the Winchester) Annie Raines and J. Blues after the gig.
J. Blues and Jim
This is a scetch a local artist made of me while performing, pretty cool, I think!
Myself and John Hammond when I opened the show for him at The Winchester.
Ladies and Gentlemen I present you the Rockits
Everyone asks, "Is that the paint job on the guitar?" The answer is... no, it is a reflection of the American flag. This was cleverly thought of by my wife and skillfully done by Al Fess the Photographer.
Playin' a Little Dobro
My next guitar, I think I will call it # 41
J.Blues and The Avenue Horns
I think it's in the water?????