Links to Check Out

Check out the links below.  These are places I frequently go to, products I use, and people I know personally that have cool stuff.



The Winchester Tavern  

The Winchester is a great club to see any act, lots of  seating and you never feel cramped in by lack of space,  They also have a great sound system in house.

Dead Guy Blues

Jeff Powers and the Dead Guy Blues band is one of the hottest blues bands in Cleveland,  Ohio. I have had the honor of sharing the stage with Jeff on quite a few occasions and let me tell you he is one of the best blues players in town if you want to have a rocking good experience be sure to check these guys out!

Option 5  (effects pedals)

I use the destination rotation pedal, it's great, it has low noise and a realistic effect and I use it on every gig.  If you can scrape the dough together this may be a worth while investment to add to your rig.  All Option 5 pedals are made by hand. That being said my pedal died, which would not have been a problem with any other boutique manufacture it would have had a lifetime warranty for such and item costing $250 bucks for a stomp box.  When I contacted Jay Wood he could not determine the problem and wanted $70.00 bucks for the repair.  Instead of replacing the broken product with a new one he sold me an "updated version," that was actually an inferior product and charged me the equivalent of the full price minus the $70.00 bucks of course and told me I was getting "a good deal." I also forgot to add it was like pulling teeth to get in touch with him and it took 3 1/2 months to resolve this issue. After this pedal breaks I will just get a Rotovibe at least they are cheeper and all I have to do is go to the store and buy a new product the next day if it ever mysteriously stops working.  Option5 is now my last option.


I exclusively use Ampeg amp's, my current model is the SR 212 RT (this stands for "Super Rocket, two twelve inch speakers, Reverb, Tremolo")  This is a MONSTER AMP and delivers 10 times more than you expect.  If you can find one buy it they are not easy to come by.

Kurt Wright is a guitar repair genius and is the only person I will even let touch my guitars when it comes to making any major repairs.  Kurt has worked on my Dobro's, Jazz Boxes and all of my other electrics "He's the Man!" Located in Lakewood, Ohio you can go see him  for any repair job for guitar or bass.

I have used Rode Microphones for most of my recordings for vocal and instrument I use the NTV model,  If you have a copy of Red, White & Blues you can hear how transparent and clear this microphone is for recording.  The secret is that this is a tube microphone and you can obtain a great sound while recoding with this mic.

I was playing at "Johnny C's" at a jam night sponsored by the Bentwood Rockers of Cleveland, when I had the recent opportunity to play from a Tubeglow Amp.  Let me tell you it has a great clean sound and when driven hard it has a delightful tube crunch that can be controlled by rolling back off of your guitars volume control.  I read about Tubeglow in "Guitar Digest" a few months back, I was very interested in the product and I would defiantly say it is unique.  I suggest you visit the site and find out how you can try or buy a Tubeglow for yourself.  The first step to being your own musician is to have your own sound and not to be a knock off of someone else. This amp will help to shape that tone you have been looking for all of your life.

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